14. July 2024

netzwerkarchitekten is part of the planning consortium for the new long-distance railway tunnel in Frankfurt am Main

The engineering consortium Fernbahntunnel Frankfurt am Main – consisting of Sweco GmbH, Schüßler-Plan Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH, DB Engineering & Consulting and ILF Consulting Engineers Austria GmbH – has been commissioned with the planning of the new tunnels and the new underground station for long-distance traffic below the Frankfurt terminus station.

As part of the contract, we are responsible for the design of the station.

We are very pleased to be part of this exciting future project!

18. June 2024

Riese & Müller bridge

First pictures of the bridge developed together with Tragraum Ingenieure for the company Riese & Müller in Mühltal.
We are looking forward to the inauguration in September!


7. June 2024

New underground station Mexikoplatz in Berlin Zehlendorf

In 2025, ground will be broken for the extension of the U3 underground line from Krumme Lanke to Mexikoplatz, which is due to be completed in 2030 with the completion of a new underground station. netzwerkarchitekten is planning this station as part of an engineering consortium.
We are delighted with this wonderful planning task!

3. June 2024

We are looking for enlargement for our team!

More information is available at jobs.

We look forward to receiving applications at bewerbung@netzwerkarchitekten.de.


3. May 2024

Commissioning of the Horner Rennbahn underground station

Hamburger Hochbahn is celebrating the opening of the first part of the remodelled Horner Rennbahn underground station on Friday. The U2 trains will stop there again from Monday. In future, the U4 will branch off from Horner Rennbahn in the direction of Horner Geest.

In 2018, we won the competition for the design of the three stations.


24. April 2024

2nd prize Rheinhallenareal

Together with club l94 and tragraum, we won 2nd prize in the landscape planning and structural engineering competition for the central arrival area of the town of Rüdesheim am Rhein.
In the sense of a mobility station, various modes of transport are linked together for visitors in an attractive environment. The task is linked to the Upper Middle Rhine Valley Federal Horticultural Show 2029.

8. February 2024

Kunsthalle Darmstadt – Big houses, small houses

Award-winning architecture in Hessen 2018-2023

Association of German Architects BDA Hessen e.V.

The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue that presents all the award-winning buildings and documents all the submissions.

We are there with our red bridge over the Rheinstrasse!

Opening 09.02.24 / 6 pm


30. January 2024

Award for project at Terminal 1

New baggage drop-off machines have been developed for the check-in processes at Frankfurt Airport. The modularly developed overall concept was integrated into the 50-year-old Terminal 1 and, as a product family, offers the option of staff support at counters, among other things. The elegant, timeless design and intuitive operating elements for faster check-in are equipped for the future, as the passenger flow to security control can be accelerated by dismantling individual modules.
The project, which was developed in collaboration with Fraport, Profluss, Marcus Pedersen and netzwerkarchitekten, has now been honoured with the prestigious German Design Award.


5. November 2023

Loading park in Coburg

Together with tragraum and club l94, we received recognition for our idea of a loading park for the KAESER Kompressoren company in Coburg.
A floating, ribbon-like roof forms an interior greenblue oasis that is framed by a park-like landscape space.

11. October 2023

We are looking for reinforcement!

We would like to expand our team for exciting projects in the field of future-oriented transport structures and sustainable mobility. More information can be found under jobs in our job advertisements or on the known portals.


22. June 2023

Opening of new check-in machines (baggage drop-off)

The first 21 automated Lufthansa check-in counters in Terminal 1, developed by netzwerkarchitekten together with the Danish design office Marcus Pedersen, have now been opened.
In addition to the familiar baggage check-in by Lufthansa service staff, it is now also possible to check in baggage yourself even faster and more conveniently, independent of counter opening times.

Other terminal areas will also be equipped with the new generation of machines in the future.


6. June 2023

City entrance Wiesbaden

netzwerkarchitekten has developed a feasibility study for a new city entrance at Mainzer Straße 166 together with the Wiesbaden city planning office.
The study shows the potential that this location, in the immediate vicinity of the intersection of the A66 and A671, holds as Wiesbaden’s southern city entrance:
A multimodal transport hub will be built over with a building structure of hybrid use.
As an urban high point, it marks the start of Wiesbaden’s development structures.


Visualisation: luxfeld digital art

22. May 2023

Groundbreaking ceremony for the Martin Niemöller School in Wiesbaden

On 17 May 2023, construction work on the extension of the Martin Niemöller School in Wiesbaden began with a ceremonial ground-breaking. The building is scheduled for completion by May 2025.
We are looking forward to the execution phase that is now begin-ning.


21. April 2023

Topping-out ceremony of the U4 extension

On Friday 31 March 2023, HOCHBAHN in Hamburg invited guests to the traditional topping-out ceremony for the U4 extension to Horner Geest. The ceremony took place in the completed shell of the Horner Rennbahn stop.
At the same time, the structural work for the Stoltenstraße and Horner Geest stops, which will follow in the further course of the route, is also being carried out.
In 2018, we won the competition for the design of the three stations and are delighted about this milestone.


26. March 2023

Olbrich plaque for the red bridge

The BDA Hessen has awarded the architecture prize “Large Houses, Small Houses – Excellent Architecture in Hessen”.
The red bridge in Darmstadt was awarded the Olbrich plaque along with 6 other projects.
We are very pleased about this award, which is directed equally at the client, the city of Darmstadt and the planners.


5. February 2023

German Design Award Gold 2023

netzwerkarchitekten and unit-design receive the gold award at the German Design Award 2023 for the regiomove project.

We are delighted about the great success of this prototypical project.


22. December 2022

Great Weser Bridge

netzwerkarchitekten is pleased to have received recognition in the competition for the Great Weser Bridge in Bremen. The design was created in a joint venture with Schüßler-Plan and planungsgruppe grün. Two prizes and two acknowledgements were awarded. A total of 12 entries were submitted.

Rendering: luxfeld digital art

7. December 2022


On 7 December 2022, Karim Scharabi will give a lecture at the University of Applied Sciences in Mainz.
In the lecture, the concept of sustainability will be reflected on, among other things, some of our projects.

Mainz University of Applied Sciences
Room H 1.11
Holzstraße 36
55116 Mainz

07.12.2022, 6 p.m

1. November 2022

Homepage Marienplatz is online

The Marienplatz project now has its own homepage.
The site, which went online just in time for the start of the EXPO, is constantly updated and provides information on the current status of the project.
A visit to the very nice site is worthwhile!


24. October 2022

regiomove pilot ports completed

We are pleased to announce the completion of the regiomove mobility stations in Baden-Baden, Bretten, Bühl, Ettlingen, Graben-Neudorf, Karlsruhe-Hagsfeldd and Rastatt.
For the first time, regiomove digitally and analogue connects rural regions in the Karlsruhe area.

We won the competition in 2019 in a joint venture with unit-design and implemented the project together.

to the project

30. September 2022

Ceremonial ground-breaking for construction of the new U5

A ground-breaking ceremony in Hamburg-Alsterdorf on Friday marked the official start of the construction of the new underground line 5. The new east-west line will run for 24 kilometres with 23 new stops from Bramfeld through the city centre to the arenas at the Altona Volkspark, connecting more than 180,000 Hamburg residents to the high-speed rail network for the first time or better.

Together with the engineering consortium IGU5M (ZPP), netzwerkarchitekten is involved in the development of the shell geometries.



8. September 2022

caparol Architekturpreis first prize

netzwerkarchitekten and tragraum consortium wins first prize in the caparol Architecture Award Colour-Structure-Surface 2022 in the category of buildings for special use with the red bridge in Darmstadt.
We are very happy!

to the project

12. July 2022

1st prize for the new construction of the foot and cycle path bridge in Mühltal for Riese & Müller

In a first jury session in March, two designs of equal merit were selected for a revision phase by a top-class competition jury. In the second and final jury session in June, the design by netzwerkarchitekten in collaboration with Tragraum Ingenieure was finally convincing.

We are very happy about the first prize and also about being able to contribute to sustainable traffic development with our design so close to our own location.

From Tuesday 12 July 2022, all the competition entries will be on display in an exhibition at Mühltal town hall, along with the winning design.

7. July 2022

1st place Highrise Marienplatz

Our joy is enormous!
We won first prize in the competition for the highrise building on Marienplatz in Darmstadt.
We were already able to win the preceding urban planning competition for the prominent site opposite the State Theatre in 2019.
The competition entry was created together with transsolar (energy concept), GTL (landscape architecture), Tragraum (structural engineering) and bauart (fire protection).

29. June 2022

1st place

In the negotiated procedure for the new construction of the Cuno-Raabe School in Fulda, we won first place together with GTL Landschaftsarchitekten and have now been awarded the contract.
We are looking forward to working on this exciting and special task, as part of the programme will be integrated into the listed building of a profaned church in a resource-saving way.

10. June 2022

Architecture Day 2022

Our foot and cycle path bridge over the Rheinstrasse is always open to the public, but we are nevertheless pleased that it has been selected as an example of quality architecture for the Day of Architecture on 25 and 26 June.

We recommend visiting all the selected projects by bike and crossing the Rheinstrasse on the red loop on the way.


13. April 2022

1st prize in Mühltal

We won one of two first prizes in the competition for a bridge that can be used by the public as part of the site development of the bicycle manufacturer Riese & Müller and the industrial park of the municipality of Mühltal.
It remains exciting, because now a revision of the two designs will follow.

21. February 2022

Two beautiful new books

The regiomove project and the stops in Hanau are published in the book “Mobility Design: Shaping Future Mobility”.
“The focus of this volume is the importance of design: over 60 pioneering projects from the fields of design, architecture and urban development are presented with the help of photos, plan drawings and short texts. With this international overview, Mobility Design not only shows the current state of sustainable mobility systems, but is dedicated to mobility as one of the most important design tasks of the future.”

The Red Bridge is published in the “German Architecture Yearbook 2022”.
“In reviews by renowned authors, the yearbook presents the shortlist of 23 buildings from Germany as well as three examples abroad, which a jury has determined for the DAM Prize for Architecture in Germany 2022. For this purpose, curators of the museum as well as renowned architects and architecture critics sif-ted through a field of around one hundred nominations for the yearbook.”

24. November 2021

Brainergy Hub 2nd prize

We are proud of our version of a modern innovation and start-up centre for research and development in the field of renewable energies in the Brainergy Park in Jülich. The project was awarded 2nd prize in a high-calibre field of participants after a 2-phase process.
Buildings, park and water areas form a unity in this design and create a modern working environment that promotes creativity and innovation.

23. November 2021

The red Bridge

Philipp Schiffer will give a presentation on our award-winning pedestrian and bicycle bridge in Darmstadt at the sym-posium “BRIDGES IN THE CITY” on Nov. 23, 2021 at 4:30 p.m. in Heidelberg.


22. November 2021

Elly-Heuss-Knapp-Schule 3rd price

In the competition for the renovation and expansion of the Elly-Heuss-Knapp-Schule, we won 3rd prize with our renovation concept. We are delighted about this!

3. September 2021


We are very happy!
We have received recognition at the German Architecture Award for the foot and cycle path bridge in Darmstadt. The planning was done in a joint venture with Tragraum Ingenieure.

Since 2011, the German Architecture Prize has been jointly awarded by the Federal Ministry of Construction and the Federal Chamber of Architects as a state prize. The procedure is carried out by the Federal Office for Building and Regional Planning.
The German Architecture Award is intended to recognise exemplary buildings for the development of building in the present day. They should be of special architectural quality or bear witness to exemplary treatment in the renovation and modernisation of historical buildings, be committed to sustainable building in ecological, economic and socio-cultural terms, and make a positive contribution to the design of public space.
In addition to the individual State Prize, a total of 5 awards and 5 recognitions were presented.
The award ceremony took place on 3 September 2021 in Berlin.



1. July 2021

Shortlist DAM Award

Our joy is enormous!

The bridge at the Mozart Tower in Darmstadt, planned together with Tragraum Ingenieuren, is on the shortlist for the DAM Prize 2022.
As such, it will be published in the Architecture Yearbook 2022 and is part of the exhibition of the same name.
Click here for the list of nominated projects and the shortlist:


25. June 2021

Tag der Architektur

On 26 and 27 June 2021, Architecture Day will be in Hessen for the 27th time.
For corona reasons, the selected projects can only be viewed virtually on the Baukultour pages of the AKH this year.
The bridge over the Rheinstrasse is an exception here, as it is open to the public and in use at all times. A visit to the red curved bridge that winds its way up between the trees, whether by bicycle or on foot, is well worth it.


24. June 2021

Nomination DAM Award 2022

We are delighted about the nomination of our bridge at the Mozart Tower in Darmstadt for the DAM Award 2022.

Click here for the list of the 100 nominated projects:

2. June 2021

Marienplatz in Darmstadt

The contract between Wissenschaftstadt Darmstadt and Implenia was signed today. We won the urban planning competition with GTL Landschaftsarchitekten and the investor Implenia 2019.
Our concept consists of a meandering residential development with an urban child day-care centre and a separate 15-storey high-rise building. This will create around 30,000 m² of gross floor area, comprising around 310 rental and owner-occupied flats.
We are very much looking forward to the next planning steps.

18. April 2021

Recognition in St. Leon-Rot

We have received a recognition in the competition for the conversion of the „Kramer-Mühle“ in St. Leon-Rot. The existing building was to be re-designed as a multifunctional building for the citizens of the community of St. Leon-Rot.
We are pleased about the appreciation of our work.

30. March 2021

We build on diversity

In 2020, the BDA Hessen launched the initiative “We build on diversity”.
The aim is to make the commitment of the BDA and its members to an open society visible and to draw attention to the role and importance of a diverse, open, fair and tolerant society for the work in architectural practices and thus for society. Netzwerkarchitekten wholeheartedly supports the campaign and ad-vocates for more diversity, tolerance and openness in architects’ offices.

26. March 2021


The regiomove project has been nominated for the German Road and Transport Engineering Award 2021 in the New Mobility category, which was called for the first time. Entitled “regiomove ports – intermodal networking of an entire region”, the project was submitted by the Karlsruhe Transport Association (KVV).

The ARGE netzwerkarchitekten and unit-design are responsible for the design of the individual modules and ports. The design of the individual modules and ports is the responsi-bility of ARGE netzwerkarchitekten and unit-design, which won a competition for the design of mobility stations in the Middle Upper Rhine region in 2019.

16. March 2021


We are on instagram now. Follow us -)


19. February 2021

Start of construction Horner Rennbahn

On 19th of February 2021, the construction of the extension of the U4 from Horner Rennbahn station towards Horner Geest started. This should have been celebrated with a real big public event, but this tradition could not be realized due to Corona and had to be substituted by a virtual press conference. Nevertheless, we are very happy about the beginning of the realisation of the three underground stations we had planned.


Bild: Hamburger HOCHBAHN AG

22. January 2021


The stamp themes for the year 2021 have been decided. The programme advisory board at the Federal Ministry of Finance selected them from a large number of suitable proposals sent in by citizens and institutions.
In March 2021, the 95 cent special postage stamp will be decorated by the Überseequartier underground station in Hamburg.
We are delighted with this beautiful choice of motif, as the underground station was designed and planned by us and completed in 2010.



18. December 2020

3rd prize in Mannheim

We are delighted to have won 3rd prize in the invited realisation competition for a high-rise building at the Turbinenwerk in Mannheim.

3. December 2020


We are very pleased about the opening of the cycle and footbridge over the Rheinstrasse in Darmstadt.
We won the competition in 2005.
The bridge provides a safe and relaxed connection across the busy Rheinstraße between the main railway station and the Rhine-Main Technology Centre (TZ).
Mobility impaired people, wheelchair users and cyclists can use two winding ramps, and there are stairs for pedestrians at the end of the crossing.

19. November 2020

1 of 99

The Architecture Guide Germany 2021 takes an extensive tour of remarkable buildings and ensembles. The recently completed 99 buildings have been researched by the German Architecture Museum in cooperation with a panel of experts.
We are delighted that the recently completed seminar building in Bochum is one of the ninety-nine selected projects!


30. July 2020

Bridge building

The first segments of the steel cycle and footbridge over the Rheinstrasse are lifted. netzwerkarchitekten won the competition in 2005.

We are delighted that the work is finally underway and we are looking forward to the first trip over the curved bridge.

26. July 2020

Wehrhahn Line is building culture!

We are pleased about the publication of the Wehrhahn Line Düsseldorf in the recently published Baukultur Report 2020/21 of the Bundesstiftung Baukultur.

Every two years the Baukultur Report is published as an official status report on planning and building in Germany. The report is also a political instrument. It contains positions of the Federal Foundation, project examples from the Baukultur workshops and arguments from expert discussions. In addition, it contains the results of a survey of local authorities on planning practice and a population survey on the general perception of building culture. The findings lead to concrete recommendations for action for politicians and all those involved in planning and building. The report on building culture is presented to the public for the first time at the Convention on Building Culture.

Building Culture Report 2020/21

Website of the Federal Foundation for Building Culture

26. July 2020

Exemplary building Mannheim: network architects and club l94 receive awards

In 2009 netzwerkarchitekten won the competition for the new construction of a community center and a day-care center for children in Mannheim. The outdoor facilities were designed by club l94.
The project, completed in 2015, has now been awarded the “Exemplary Building Mannheim 2013-2020” prize.

The jury awarded 17 out of 57 submitted projects – including the urban redevelopment around the Union Church with a new community center, square and open spaces. The prize-winning works will be presented to the public in an exhibition.
The certificates will be awarded with the opening of the exhibition on 19 October 2020.

12. June 2020

Two new underground stations for Munich

netzwerkarchitekten, as part of a bidding consortium under the leadership of WTM Engineers München GmbH, has been awarded the contract to plan the architectural extension of two new underground stations in Munich.
The station “Am Knie” and the terminal station “Pasing” are part of the extension of the U5 underground line to Pasing.
We are very happy about this nice order!

6. April 2020

Starting signal for Hamburg’s new underground stations

Construction work has begun on the three new U4 stops “Dannerallee”, “Stoltenstraße” and “Horner Geest”. When completed, 13,000 Hamburg residents will have access to the rail network on foot for the first time.
netzwerkarchitekten won the competition to design the three stations in 2018. We are very pleased about starting implementation.


6. February 2020

Underground Urbanism

We are pleased to have a wonderful publication about the city underground. Among other projects and visions, the Wehrhahnlinie is described and illustrated in detail.

„Have you ever wondered what lies beneath the streets of your city? Do you picture, in isolation, a series of train tunnels and pipes? Or perhaps the foundations of tall buildings that lie scattered, like icebergs, beneath the surface? As our cities grow up, out, and down, it is time we better understood how the different layers of these complex urban environments relate to one another. Underground Urbanism seeks to provide a new perspective on our cities, and consider how this might be used to engage more positively with them. So, tip your cities upside down to have a closer look, and let us rethink them from (below) the ground, up.“


17. January 2020

1st prize Cluster 7 in Darmstadt

We won first prize in the competition for Cluster 7 in the newly planned Ludwigshöhviertel in Darmstadt. Approximately 150 apartments will be built on two construction sites. Together with our specialist planners, the landscape architects foundation 5+ from Kassel and the structural engineers Tragraum from Nuremberg, we are very pleased about this beautiful construction task!

11. December 2019

2nd prize in Reutlingen

Together with Dr. Schütz Ingenieure and foundation 5+ we won the 2nd prize in the competition for the new construction of a pedestrian and cyclist bridge in Reutlingen.
We are very happy!

14. November 2019

Energetic renovation of the Sparkasse’s main branch in Aschaffenburg-Alzenau completed

On Monday 11 November, after a 4-year planning and conversion phase, the Sparkasse headquarters in Aschaffenburg was reopened in a festive ceremony.
netzwerkarchitekten won first prize in an invited competition in 2015.
Among other things, the construction measures included an extensive energetic refurbishment, the spatial reorganization of the entrances, a public passage into the customer hall up to the consulting area, as well as the reconstruction of the board area.
We are very happy about the result!

12. November 2019

1st prize in Dortmund

Together with Dr. Kreutz + Partner from Nuremberg, we won one of two first prizes in the competition for the construction of the Lindemannstraße pedestrian and bicycle bridge near the BVB stadium in Dortmund.
We were advised by the landscape architects club l94 and the lighting designers ENVUE HOMBURG LICHT.
We are very happy about the joint success!

23. September 2019

Bridge over the Rheinstrasse

Today, Darmstadt, the city of science, began building the Pedestrian and bicycle bridge west of the Mozart Tower. Having already won the competition in 2005, we are now very much looking forward to the implementation of our planning and the opening at the end of 2020.

5. September 2019

Mobility of the Future

Jochen Schuh will give a lecture about the Wehrhahnlinie on Friday, September 6th 2019 at the Baukulturforum on “Mobility of the Future” organised by the Bundesstiftung Baukultur.

documenta-Halle Kassel
Du-Ry-Straße 1
34117 Kassel


21. August 2019

1st prize Marienplatz

netzwerkarchitekten wins together with the investor implenia and the landscape planners gtl from Kassel the 1st prize in the urban development competition for the redevelopment of the Marienplatz in Darmstadt.
We are very happy!!!!!

9. July 2019

1st prize regiomove

Together with unit-design we won the 1st prize in the competition for the design of modular mobility stations for the Middle Upper Rhine region.
We are very happy!

14. June 2019

1st prize in Zurich

netzwerkarchitekten wins the invited competition for a canopy at Zurich Airport. The surface is a shallow water basin. This area changes with seasons, daylight, sky colour and wind.

10. June 2019

Extension of the Martin-Niemöller-School in Wiesbaden

After a negotiation procedure for the extension of the Martin-Niemöller-School in Wiesbaden, netzwerkarchitekten is awarded the planning contract.
The Martin-Niemöller-School is to be gradually expanded from a pure upper secondary school to a fully-fledged G9 high school.
We are pleased about the new planning task!

27. May 2019

Wehrhahn line receives the Nike Award for Atmosphere 2019

The Wehrhahnlinie received the Nike for atmosphere in a festive award ceremony at the BDA Day in Halle.
The award for a building, that achieves a special atmospheric impression through its shape and appearance, through light and space, through material and color.
We are very pleased!


13. May 2019

BDA Architecture Award Nike 2019: Shortlist published

The Wehrhahn line is nominated for a Nike award in the category “atmosphere”.
There are three nominations in each of the seven categories. We are very excited, as the award winners will be announced on May 25th in Halle.


27. March 2019

1. prize in Hamburg

We have won the competition for the design of three underground stations of the line U4 at Horner Geest in Hamburg and are very much looking forward to the now starting planning phase with all participants.

17. January 2019

Gingerbread House KAP Düsseldorf

The traditional gift of our students for the Christmas party, a gingerbread house! This time, the 2nd prize in the competition for the redesign of the Konrad-Adenauer-Platz in Dusseldorf. We are very happy and thank Gerardina Cestara, Franzisca Schwarz, Magnus Reich, Jan Phillipp Glock, Alexandra Voelmle, Moritz Kleinhenz, Frederik Schönfeld, Carla Thalmeier and Alisa de Gobbi.

4. January 2019

Large Houses, Small Houses – Awarded Architecture in Hessen 2013-2018

The exhibition “Large Houses, Small Houses – Awarded Architecture in Hessen 2013-2018” will open at 7 pm on Wednesday, January 16, 2019 in the German Architecture Museum in Frankfurt.
The ZOB Freedom square project, Hanau, exhibited here, received one of the coveted “Martin Alsaesser plaques” in 2018.

January 17 through February17, 2019
Tue, Thu – So 11am – 6pm, Wed 11am – 8pm

German Architecture Museum
Schaumainkai 43
60596 Frankfurt am Main, Germany


18. December 2018

Innovative bicycle parking garage for Darmstadt

In order to promote bicycle use in Darmstadt, we have designed a bicycle parking garage to meet the growing need for safe and space-saving parking in the city center.
The twisted slats which comprise the façade of the automated, vertical parking system provide a framework for climbing greenery. In addition to providing a visually pleasing sight to the city center, plants contribute to improving the city climate.

2. November 2018

work in progress

The topping-out ceremony of the new Seminar building for the Architecture and Civil Engineering departments at Bochum University of Applied Sciences will be held on November 20th.
We are excited about the fast progress and are looking forward to the completion in 2019.

28. September 2018

Building for Karlsruhe. 2008-2018

The book “Bauen für Karlsruhe 2008-2018” provides an insight into the variety of building development in Karlsruhe over the past 10 years. The book is a cooperative effort by Department 6, City of Karlsruhe; the Business Group Planning and Building; Real Estate Management; Area Management and Zoo together with VOLKSWOHNUNG GmbH and Karlsruher Fächer GmbH.

We are represented by two projects: the Fichtegymnasium and the railway underpass Karlsruhe. We are pleased about this nice publication, and thank the city of Karlsruhe.

31. August 2018

A Tailwind from the Design Advisory Board

The design for a mixed-use residential and commercial building in Darmstadt met with high approval from the Design Advisory Board of the City of Darmstadt. Strong greenery, a solar roof, and an innovative mobility concept will create a trend-setting solution for inner-city living in the stony quarters of Mollerquartier.


29. July 2018

Award at the “Architecture Prize North Rhine-Westphalia 2018”

We received an award for the Wehrhahn Line in Dusseldorf at the “Architecture Award North Rhine-Westphalia”.
A total of 438 entries from 16 regions were submitted. Of the 49 prizewinners of these regional procedures, 10 projects have now received this prestigious award.
Together with the participating artists and the city of Dusseldorf, we are very happy!
From the circle of awards, the members of the BDA NRW will now select the work to receive the “Architecture Award North Rhine-Westphalia 2018” in a written election procedure.



6. July 2018


Construction work for the new seminar building in Bochum has begun. The first elements of the significant net-like structure were delivered. These form an efficient supporting structure along the vertical communication zone and the associated open work platforms. At the same time, the structure becomes a visible symbol of the interdisciplinary exchange between the architecture and civil engineering fields in the building.

4. July 2018

netzwerkarchitekten receive Halstenberg commendation

On Wednesday, July 4, 2018 at a 5 pm ceremony at Industrieclub Dusseldorf, Elberfelder Street 6, the Halstenberg Commendation will be awarded to netzwerkarchitekten.
The prize will be awarded, for the third time, by the German Academy for Urban Development and Regional Development, and it honors special achievement in urban planning and regional planning in North Rhine-Westphalia.
The reason for the reception of this award:
“Netzwerkarchitekten, based in Darmstadt, has set standards in the planning culture. In 2016, after 15 years of planning and construction, the subway stretch Wehrhahn Line was opened in Dusseldorf. The netzwerkarchitekten, in collaboration with the artist Heike Klussmann, emerged victorious in a two-phase, Europe-wide competition for the overall conception of this subway route. From the beginning, a fruitful cooperation between architects, artists, and engineers, as well as the city of Dusseldorf, was cultivated. It has become a new model of collaborative construction. From the competition in 2001, to its opening, the planning methodology was a success story and is a perfect example of what large-scale construction projects should be. It is this alone that made an underground spatial continuum with a new waiting and arrival culture possible.”

We are very excited!

29. June 2018

Residential development Pankratiusstrasse in the design advisory board

On June 29, 2018, the concept for the construction of a new residential building with 11 residential units in Darmstadt was presented to the city’s design advisory board. Our design received great approval.
In addition to green roofs, the concept envisages an intensive greening of the south-facing courtyard facade by vertically staggered plant troughs with trees and facade greening.
The plants create a beautiful living environment, and contribute to a sustainable improvement of the city climate.
The heating of the facade surfaces is reduced, noise and pollutants are absorbed, and dust is captured from the air. Plants also absorb carbon dioxide, produce oxygen, retain rainwater, evaporate water, and thus increase air humidity.

28. June 2018

Foundation stone laid in Bochum

The construction work for the new seminar building for the Architecture and Civil Engineering Departments of the Bochum University of Applied Sciences has begun. The foundation stone was laid on June 27, 2018.

Together with the Architecture and Civil Engineering Departments, we look forward to completion in 2019.

11. June 2018


Netzwerkarchitekten travel together to Rotterdam from June 7-9.
The focus is on exciting urban development and selected innovative housing construction projects.

6. June 2018

AUS.BILDUNG.BAUEN_II – buildings for education

At 6 pm on Wednesday, June 6, Jochen Schuh will give a lecture on Places of Education at the Fachhochschule Dortmund as part of the lecture series AUS.BILDUNG.BAUEN_II.

Fachbereich Architektur FH Dortmund
Emil-Figge Str.40
44227 Dortmund

20. April 2018

2nd prize in the competition for the redesign of Konrad-Adenauer-Platz in Dusseldorf

We are very pleased with the joint success in the competition for the redesign of the Konrad-Adenauer-Platz in Dusseldorf.
Together with foundation 5+, Duksa engineers, and ISR, we took 2nd prize in both the realization and ideas sections.
25 teams of architects participated in the competition of Stadt and BAHN.
The competition designs will be on display beginning April 24, 2018 at 11:00am in the Dusseldorf Town Hall.

29. March 2018

Annual Day of Architecture in Hessen

The state of Hessen will conduct tours of its architectural structures on June 23rd and 24th to showcase the ambitious structural environment. For the 24th time, the Chamber of Architects in Hessen will organize the Day of Architecture, where architects, interior architects, landscape ar-chitects and urban planners will present their works. The goal is to emphasize the importance of the structural environment to the widest audience possible.
We are pleased that three of our recently completed projects have been selected!

Guided tours are as follows:

ZOB Freedom Square
Saturday June 23, 2018, 1pm and 3pm, meeting point at first bus platform at the roundabout

Arrival Terminal 1, Frankfurt Airport
Sunday June 24, 2018, 10:30am and 12: 30pm, meeting point on the right Windscreen 1

New Community Center St. Gallus
Sunday June 24, 2018, 10am and 11: 30am, meeting point at main entrance

20. March 2018

Martin Elsaesser Plaque for the central bus station in Hanau

Fifty-one entries were submitted to this year’s “Award for Good Buildings” competition, held every five years by the BDA Hessen. At the award ceremony last Friday in the German Museum of Architecture, the client and netzwerkarchitekten were happy to receive the Martin Elsaesser Plaque for the reconstruction of Freedom Square (“ZOB Freiheitplatz”) in Hanau.

We are very pleased, and congratulate all award winners!

Previously used as a public bus station and parking lot, reconstruction of Freedom Square was completed in autumn, 2015. The restructuring of the central bus station and the redesign and reorganization of the Square creates a public, open-air, barrier-free space which invites everyone to linger and enjoy the park-like setting.
This remarkable result was made possible by the intensive cooperation of the landscape architecture office Club L94 from Cologne, Schüßler-Plan from Frankfurt (overall project management), the municipal companies and proprietary enterprises of the city of Hanau, and the netzwerkarchitekten.



18. December 2017

Award from BDA (Association of German Architects) Dusseldorf for the Wehrhahn Line

Fifty-two entries were submitted for this year’s “Good Buildings Award” competition.  After an in-depth review and intensive discussion, the jury selected the winners of the six awards and three distinctions in a two-day meeting.

At the award ceremony last Thursday, the client and netzwerkarchitekten happily received the award.

The BDA Düsseldorf has been organizing the competition for the past 19 years and selects the prize winners every three years. The that received an award take part in the nationwide “NRW Architecture Prize 2018”.

We are looking forward to the year 2018!

The exhibition of all projects can be seen at the Stadtmuseum Dusseldorf until January 2, 2018.



6. December 2017

International Forum for Tunnels and Infrastructure

Jochen Schuh will give a lecture at the STUVA – Conference 2017 on modern bus stop architecture and its influence on user behavior.
The conference will take place from December 6-8, 2017 at the ICS Stuttgart.


3. October 2017

Wehrhahn Line: Exhibition on the new underground line in the town hall

“The Düsseldorf Underground ‘Wehrhahn Line’ – A Systhesis of the Arts ” will be on exhibit in the rear part of the foyer of the Dusseldorf City Hall during the month of October, Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.


28. September 2017

Day care center at Ruthsenbach

After more than one year of renovation, the day care center at Ruthsenbach in Darmstadt’s Ahrheiligen district has been put back into operation. The existing building was extensively renovated and restructured inside in order to realize a new pedagogical concept.
All facade areas that received a new insulation layer during renovation were clad with a rear-ventilated curtain wall of vertical wooden slats.
The “Kids base”, a pedestal band around the building made of cement-bonded slabs, combines the various structures, and enables the children to paint and design their day care center themselves with chalk.

15. September 2017

Ettersburg Talk 2017 Traffic, quarter, culture. Build the new infrastructures.

Project. Wehrhahn Line, Dusseldorf
Infrastructure project creates space for urban design

Discussion about the project and topic:
Bernd Thomas, Office for Integrated Urban and Transport Planning, Dusseldorf City Planning Office
Gerd Wittkötter, Project Manager, Office for Traffic Management Dusseldorf
Thomas Fiedler, Head of Central Division, Wayss & Freytag Ingenieurbau AG

Federal Foundation for Building Culture
21.09.2017 – 22.09.2017


30. August 2017

Wehrhahnlinie receives CODAaward

“The internationally acclaimed CODAawards celebrate the design projects that most successfully integrate commissioned art into interior, architectural, or public spaces.”

This year 465 projects from 21 countries were submitted.
The Wehrhahn line has won an award in the traffic category. We are very pleased about this!

Jury Kommentar


29. August 2017

Nomination German Road and Transport Engineering Award 2017

The Freiheitsplatz in Hanau has been selected from 55 projects submitted for the German Road and Transport Engineering Prize 2017 in the category Building Culture as one of three finalists. Oliver Witan received the certificate at the award ceremony on September 22, 2017 in the Bauhaus city of Dessau.
The planning team consisted of Schüßler-Plan Ingenieurgesellschaft GmbH, netzwerkarchitekten GmbH and club L94 Landschaftsarchitekten GmbH.

We are very happy about this award!

23. August 2017

CITY PLANNING ART… the interaction of urban planning and art

Symposium on September 26, 2017 in Münster

Jochen Schuh, netzwerkarchitekten:
The “Wehrhahn Line Dusseldorf” and other “art stories

Anmeldung unter:

21. July 2017

Recognition in Feldkirchen

In the competition for a residential complex in Feldkirchen we received recognition. Our concept allows us to network the different functions in an interdisciplinary and compact way and thereby develop a future-oriented centre for community life.

22. June 2017


The underground station Benrather Strasse is on a journey.
The artist Thomas Stricker exhibits the digital installation “Himmel oben – Himmel unten” and the collage “Reisvorbereitungen” with texts, plans, visualizations and photographs from 15 years of interdisciplinary cooperation in the exhibition OUT OF THE BLUE in Switzerland.


31. May 2017


The Wehrhahn line illustrates an article on underground construction. “Subway “Made in Germany” is in demand like never before”


4. May 2017

5th prize

We won 5th prize in the realization competition for a secondary school in Dülmen and are happy about it!

7. April 2017


corporate design by nowakteufelknyrim


29. March 2017

responsive relaunch

Our new website is online. It was designed and programmed by the wonderful agency nowakteufelknyrim from Düsseldorf.


9. February 2017

Yearbook of Architecture 2017

The German Architecture Yearbook, published by the German architecture museum (DAM) in Frankfurt am Main, has been publishing all important information on current construction activity in Germany for almost 40 years. In reviews by renowned authors, the yearbook presents the shortlist of twenty buildings from Germany, which a jury selected for the DAM Prize for Architecture in Germany 2017.

The Wehrhahn line is included.

27. January 2017

Award ceremony and exhibition at the DAM

The Wehrhahn Line is among the 24 best buildings in and from Germany and will be on display at the German Museum of Architecture from January 28 to April 30.
The exhibition will open on January 27 at 5 pm.

20. January 2017

Dream houses revisited


On January 15, 2017 at 3:15pm the film “Ein Haus mit drei Höfen” will be broadcast.
After shooting last summer, the film, originally broadcast in 2006, was supplemented by impressions and shots of its current state. The house is now completely greened.


11. January 2017

New Wehrhahn website is online

The website of the famous graphic agency Bureau Mario Lombardo about the project Wehrhahn line is online.


12. December 2016

Nomination for the Mies van der Rohe Award

The Wehrhahn Line is one of the few German projects nominated for the renowned Mies van der Rohe Award. We are very happy!

10. December 2016

100 houses

The beautiful house J is published in the magazine 100 Deutsche Häuser.