regiomove, Karlsruhe

  • task:
  • Design of modular equipment elements for mobility stations in the Middle Upper Rhine region
  • client:
  • City of Karlsruhe
  • procedure type:
  • invited competition 2019, 1st prize
  • colaboration:
  • netzwerkarchitekten and unit-design
  • size:
  • 3,24 sqm - ∞
  • technical planner:
  • Tragraum (structural engineering) | ENVUE HOMBURG LICHT (lighting design) |
  • team:
  • Moritz Kleinhenz
  • visualization:
  • netzwerkarchitekten, Darmstadt | unit-design, Frankfurt |
  • The draft “line” refers directly to the formulated objective of “regiomove”. The idea of a system of networked multimodal mobility offers that can be used by all becomes clearly visible to the users with a striking and independent design. The concept of a line with different coloured elements, which are based on a cube and form linear roof elements, conveys the networking of all mobility offers in a spatial context. Ideally, the terms “regio_line” or “regio_port” could develop from the design. The networking of the entire regional mobility system becomes recognizable as a landmark at every connection point and can be experienced by the users in the regional space in a coherent way. The single element stands for the whole!
    The colour and pictogram system developed specifically for this project, which quotes the regiomove logo, ideally supports the formulated central idea. The image of the three-dimensional line can be graphically transferred to overviews, maps, digital and analogue information and orientation systems.
    The design and construction principle of “line” was developed with the idea of high flexibility and functionality in mind. With a simple design, small to extensive constellations can be created and adapted to different spatial situations. At the same time the module system offers the possibility to create own spatial constellations in a kind of space formation with inputs and outputs. The necessary functions for bicycles, rental bicycles and other sharing offers are integrated. A central element was developed for the functions of the Packstation or information and advertising displays, which has static functions and can be integrated into the various module constellations as required.