Secondary School, Dülmen

  • task:
  • new construction and extension of a secondary school in Dülmen
  • awarding authority:
  • City Dülmen
  • procedure type:
  • realization competition 2017, 5th Prize
  • size:
  • 13.000 sqm
  • technical planner:
  • Dr. Kreutz und Partner (support structure) |
  • team:
  • Magnus Reich
  • visualization:
  • netzwerkarchitekten
  • The design for a new, 4-story building at the Dülmen Secondary School forms a central courtyard with the existing u-shaped historic preservation building. The two buildings are connected via bridges at the top two floors. The resulting ring-shaped connection enables strong networking between the functional areas of both buildings.
    The courtyard is extended by outdoor terraces recessed into the new building. This multi-use forum forms the heart of the school. The terraces are constructed above a column-free space inside which can be used for performances, lectures, meetings, etc. Outside, the terraces create a central staircase from the upper floors to the courtyard below, and provide space for outdoor projects and classes.

    In summertime it becomes the ideal place for activities such as a book flea market, and for open-air performances, concerts, and cinema: the historic building becomes the stage, the courtyard the main floor of the theater, and the terraces become the loge.

    The façade of the new building is a double-shell cladding of pre-fabricated, reinforced concrete and a brick facing pretreated with water-struck technology. The solid walls use a noble clinker brick cladding in shimmering shades of gray. The ceiling packages incorporate strips of white-pigmented, precast concrete elements.