Seminar building, Bochum

  • task:
  • new seminar building for the departments of architecture and civil engineering of the University of Bochum
  • client:
  • Bau- und Liegenschaftsbetrieb NRW
  • procedure type:
  • general planner competition 2013, 1st Prize
  • general planner:
  • netzwerkarchitekten
  • size:
  • 5.400 sqm
  • completion:
  • currently in planning
  • team:
  • Frauke Wassum, Till Oel, Hannes Beck
  • technical planner:
  • INOVIS Ingenieure GmbH (building services engineering)/electrical) | Ando Yoo (landscape planning) | Bollinger + Grohmann GmbH (structural engineer, fire protection, building physics) |
  • visualization:
  • luxfeld digital art, Darmstadt
  • A new interdisciplinary building will facilitate communication and interdisciplinary exchange of information between the Architecture and Civil Engineering disciplines at Bochum University of Applied Sciences. This new building will be located parallel to the “Blue Box” named Student atelier, creating a new open space plaza between the two buildings. A new path through this square will lead to the central public transportation connection on Universitätsstraße. Entrances to both buildings will face the square. The new square may also be used for outdoor study, as a meeting place between lectures and seminars and, occasionally, as a venue.

    The new six story building is divided horizontally into two parallel areas, with compact office space for Department Chairs and professors along the western wall and seminar/classroom areas on the east side. The classrooms are built on individual, separate platforms which are vertically connected via stairs, with a central hallway between office and classroom spaces. Offices and seminar/classrooms are grouped by discipline to facilitate advanced teaching and research, and generate meeting zones that promote communication and exchange between the disciplines: a visible sign of the interdisciplinary exchange of the University.

    Construction and design differ in the two areas: The office block is constructed with flat ceilings and a clear column grid. Ceilings in the seminar areas on the east side, which faces the square, are held by a net-like structure, again symbolizing the networking efficiency of the Departments of Architecture and Civil Engineering.