U4-Subway Stops Horner Geest, Hamburg

  • task:
  • Interior design of the U4 stops Horner Geest in Hamburg-Mitte, 3 new underground stops incl. conversion of the existing stop Horner Rennbahn (existing)
  • client:
  • Hamburger Hochbahn AG
  • procedure type:
  • competition 2018, 1st prize
  • commissioning:
  • LP 1-7
  • completion:
  • 2024-2026 (scheduled)
  • size:
  • 5.600 m² (Platforms and access rooms)
  • technical planner:
  • Envue Homburg Licht (lighting design) | TRAGRAUM PartmbB (structural engineering) |
  • cooperation:
  • Florian Klüter, Gerardina Cestara, Marcella Combalia, Jan-Philipp Glock, Bartosz Kołodziej, Dunja Naumann, Teodor Rusanov, Oliver Steinebach, Eva Streng
  • visualization:
  • luxfeld digital art, Darmstadt
  • Characteristic light lines shape the identity of the three new stops “Horner Rennbahn”, “Stoltenstrasse” and “Horner Geest” and clearly mark the respective platform space. The graphic line motif forms a uniform rhythm that divides and structures the space and creates orientation.
    This measure accentuates the different geometries of the three station spaces, single-track station with side platform (Horner Rennbahn 1), double-track station with side platform (Stoltenstrasse) and curved central platform (Dannerallee), and creates stations with a high recognition value.
    In architectural contrast to the high-quality platform area, the walls and ceilings of the track areas are largely left raw and untreated. The raw concrete is refined and individualised by homogeneous, discreet monochromatic track lighting. At the respective stations, the colourfulness of this light is derived from the quarter-defining characteristics of the urban space and forms the background for station-specific projections.
    The Horner Rennbahn is assigned the light colour sunshine yellow (horse racing), the Stoltenstrasse the light colour green in reference to the adjacent allotments and the Horner Geest the light colour blue (underwater world) due to its proximity to the Schiffbeker Moor.
    With reference to the urban localisation of the stop, selected motifs are projected onto the track space walls using white light, creating further differentiation and memorable light moments for passengers. Static, moving and also interactive projections are conceivable in which the number, position and movement of the passengers are recorded and a playful dynamic interaction of the passengers with the virtual environment is created.

    In addition, information on local or Hamburg-specific events or, for example, the weather can be displayed.
    The waiting time becomes a shared experience and a temporary smartphone break.
    When a train arrives, the images and information disappear and ensure distraction-free boarding and disembarking.
    In the distribution levels and access areas, passengers are accompanied by a subtly indirectly illuminated light gap with the same coloured light impression of the track space of the associated platform level. This facilitates orientation, accelerates passenger flows and forms the design link to the urban space.