14. July 2015

Completion of the Protestant Church Schriesheim

The interior renovation of the Protestant Church in Schriesheim and the associated conversion of the community centre into a meeting centre has been completed. Netzwerkarchitekten won first prize in the preceding competition in 2011.

5. June 2015


The conversion of a 70 year old detached house in Darmstadt has been completed.

In order to adapt the house to the needs of the new residents, the entire upper floor was demolished and replaced by a mixed construction of wood and steel.

19. May 2015


netzwerkarchitekten, represented by Oliver Witan and Markus Schwieger, is appointed to the Association of German Architects.

23. March 2015

Acquisition in Stuttgart

Netzwerkarchitekten received an acquisition at the competition for a double gymnasium of the Falkert- und Schloss-Realschule in Stuttgart. The wide, open staircase leading to the foyer in front of the auditorium will strengthen the presence of the the school in the city.  The jury praised the high and appropriate functionality.

25. February 2015

Favorite architecture in the city – the winners have been chosen

The results of the online vote of Mannheim citizens about good architecture in Mannheim are now available. The city’s building competence center had invited citizens to choose their favorite architecture. From May to October, twelve red concrete cubes stood in front of constructions. They served as seats for viewing the buildings selected by an independent jury.

Netzwerkarchitekten has won one of the two main prizes with the community center in Mannheim Neuhermsheim.

13. February 2015

An architectural treasure

The Protestant community center in Neuhermsheim, which was inaugurated in 2007, is a viewing station. This is already the third award for the building after the “big” and the “small” Hugo Häring Prize.


10. February 2015

Unicum and series

A series of lectures by netzwerkarchitekten entitled “Unikat und Serie” accompanies the Knauf Plantation.

On the following days Oliver Witan gives a lecture:

Stuttgart, February 4 and 5, 2015

Hamburg, February 25 and 26, 2015

Nürnberg, March 3 and 4, 2015

Düsseldorf, March 11 and 12 2015

6. February 2015

Redesign of the arrival drive through at Terminal 1 at Frankfurt Air-port

Netzwerkarchitekten are planning the new access road at Frankfurt Airport’s Terminal 1.

4. February 2015


netzwerkarchitekten receives an award at the Hamburg Architecture Prize 2014 for the new Überseequartier stop in the harbor City.