Energetic rehabilitation of the customer hall of the Sparkasse Bank, Aschaffenburg

  • task:
  • energetic rehabilitation of the customer hall of the Sparkasse Bank in Aschaffenburg
  • client:
  • Sparkasse Aschaffenburg – Alzenau
  • procedure type:
  • planning report 2015, 1st Prize
  • status:
  • currently in planning
  • technical planner:
  • Drees & Sommer Advanced Building Technologies (building services) | EPT-GmbH (electrical engineering) | Brandschutz Plan Kühnlein & Partner (fire protection) | Henn Planungswerkstatt (lighting design) | Drees & Sommer AG (project management) | SCHMITT - Ingenieurbüro für Bauwesen (structural engineering) |
  • team:
  • Cornelius Cornford, Alexander Grams, Florian Klüter, Petra Lenchow, Ana Junquera, Uwe Neumeyer, Till Oel, Thorsten Rehfeld, Teodor Rusanov
  • The modernization of the Sparkasse (Savings Bank) in Aschaffenburg, designed by the renowned architect Alexander Freiherr von Branca at the end of the 1960s, focuses on the heart of the building: the foyer and the customer service areas in the bank lobby on the ground floor, and the executive area, adding work stations and meeting rooms, on the second floor.

    It is important to maintain the charm of restrained and lasting quality created in the original building. The calm and serious atmosphere of the bank strengthens the Sparkasse ‘brand’ as a long-term, grounded, and reliable partner of its customers. Although the planned renovation and expansion will be lighter and more contemporary in its openness, it will not embody either trendiness or pompousness.

    Good orientation and clarity in the customer service area will promote a sense of security and trust when customers interact with bank employees. This spacious open space will be the location of reception desks and work stations, as well as benches and waiting areas, arranged in ‘islands’ that appear permanent but are actually mobile and can be rearranged for flexible use of the area.