Arrival, Terminal 1, Frankfurt am Main

  • task:
  • new design of the arrival drive through at Terminal 1 Frankfurt Airport
  • client:
  • Fraport AG
  • procedure type:
  • negotiation procedure
  • size:
  • 24.000 sqm
  • completion:
  • 2016
  • team:
  • Thorsten Rehfeld, Florian Klüter, Ana Junquera, Uwe Neumeyer, Cornelius Cornford
  • technical planner:
  • vRP (building physics) | Klein und Holzmann (civil engineering/ renovation of existing building) | tga 5 (electronic engeneering and sprinkler systems) | Martin Klingler (lighting design) | Itus (pollutant cleanup) | S.A.N. Beratende Bauingenieure GmbH (structural engineering) |
  • photos:
  • Jörg Hempel, Aachen
  • The arrival area in front of Terminal 1 at the Frankfurt Airport was reopened on June 9, 2016, just in time for summer tourists. In just over a year, the entire outdoor area was modernized.
    The remodeled covered driveway area is brighter and more sophisticated, and much easier to navigate. Extensive improvements make airport arrival easier for passengers and for those picking them up curbside.

    In addition to the renovation of sidewalk and street, the old brick facade was replaced by a bright metal and glass surface. More than 1.000 square meters of new glass and 2.100 square meters of metal facade were installed. A total of 34.000 LED spots in the façade and 144.000 energy-saving LEDs are now being used in two 450-meter-long lighting systems. Renovations extended to the pillars and the entire support structure for the departure-level access road running above the arrival access road. Furthermore, the terminal building joints and staircases were renovated and new entrance doors and screens to the inner courtyards were installed.

    The access area to the 40-year-old terminal also received a completely new digital advertising concept: Six large-format LED surfaces are color-supported by a light band in the terminal façade. This creates a multimedia opportunity for airport advertising.

    Traffic flow was also improved and steps were taken to reduce congestion in this area, especially at peak times. Trucks and buses are redirected to an adjoining terminal road. A gate monitors and controls the number of vehicles which are parked at the curb in this busy area.