Two educational hospitals in Mosul and Nadjaf, Mosul, Nadjaf, Irak

  • task:
  • 2 educational hospitals in Iraq for Mosul and Nadjaf
  • client:
  • Ministry of Health, Baghdad, Iraq
  • procedure type:
  • direct commission as subcontractor for WRL (Hospital Planners)
  • size:
  • 58.000 sqm
  • completion:
  • 2013
  • visualization:
  • luxfeld digital art, Darmstadt
  • This design for a fully-equipped teaching hospital with double facilities (due to the large population served) was duplicated at two locations in Iraq: Mosul and Nadjaf. The basic concept was developed in close cooperation with hospital planners, house technicians, fire protection experts, and structural engineers. Each hospital design was then individualized, as requested by the client. The development was planned in accordance with German guidelines and American standards.

    Both 400-bed hospitals include a large number of patient treatment and specialty facilities. Each specific department/area inside the hospital is demarcated by a color theme for painted surfaces, using white, yellow, orange, blue and green tones. For each location, a country-specific ornament was abstracted into simple geometries and repeated, in various sizes, both inside and outside the building. This element contributes to the individualized and location-specific design. The main entrance is emphasized by a high roof and individually-selected ornamentation and color scheme.

    As teaching hospitals for training specialists, each campus also includes staff housing, student dormitories and local supply facilities.