Subway station, Peking, China

  • task:
  • design of the subway station DaYangFang (Beiyuan North Station) line 5 in Beijing
  • client:
  • Beijing Municipal Engineering Institute, BMEI
  • procedure type:
  • competition 2003, invited, 1st prize
  • planning team:
  • netzwerkarchitekten in cooperation with Pöyry Ingenieure
  • size:
  • 6.000 sqm
  • team:
  • Robert Reininger
  • visualization:
  • netzwerkarchitekten
  • In 2002/03, during pre-construction planning for the Olympic Games, the City of Beijing launched an architectural competition for the design of the above-ground stations of the extension of subway Line 5. The line leads from the city center along the Olympic site to the north.

    Cooperating with the engineers from JAAKKO PÖYRY INFRA and VCE, netzwerkarchitekten developped this design, winning the first place for the Da-Yang-Fang station.

    The design was adopted in the external contours and geometry but the project was realized without any further involvement of the authors.

    Although the builders did use the innovative, unique elements of our design, we were not given the opportunity to provide optimization of the design and the necessary detailing and materialization required to fully maximize and implement the design. Nonetheless, the spatial design is exciting.