Church Portal, Walldorf

  • task:
  • curch portal of the Protestant Church in Walldorf
  • client:
  • Protestant Church community Walldorf
  • size:
  • 8 sqm
  • completion:
  • 2010
  • technical planner:
  • Schlosserei Wolf, Habitzheim
  • awards:
  • „teamwork bau 2012, Erfolgreiche Kooperation in Architektur u. Handwerk“, 2nd prize
  • The Protestant Church in Walldorf was built of sandstone in the mid-19th century in the neo-gothic style. Between 2007 and 2009, extensive renovations were undertaken, focusing on the church tower. Renovations had to be completed by replacing the door at the foot of the tower and the client requested an artistically designed door system which would bring as much sunlight as possible into the church. The architects worked closely with the client, the locksmith, and CNC Milling to accomplish that goal.

    A few decades after the Unification Synod of the National Church in Karlsruhe in 1821, which unified the Lutheran and the (Calvinist) Reformed congregations, the Evangelical Protestant Church community was established in Walldorf. Based on the specific tradition and history of the Municipality and the Church, it was apparent that the artistic design of the new door should incorporate text rather than images. Two basic confessions of the Lutheran-Calvinist tradition, representing the two confessional denominations, were selected.
    The design was implemented in two stages: the planning and production of the text, and the construction of the door system itself. CNC Milling produced the text from a massive, approximately 10mm thick aluminum plate. Although the words are artistic and inspirational, the aluminum text had to be weight-bearing to support the glass panels so the door would be as thin as required. The fittings of the door system (ball-bearing straps, handles, bolts, stoppers, etc.) were developed and custom-made for this project by the locksmith. Getting from the design idea to the finished door required close communication and planning between the design team and the craftsmen who brought it to fruition.