IBA27 Stadtregion Stuttgart `Postareal´, Böblingen

  • task:
  • Entwicklung eines hochverdichteten Stadtbaustein mit vielfältigen Nutzungen
  • client:
  • Böblinger Baugesellschaft mbH and Internationale Bauausstellung 2027
  • procedere type:
  • open international realization competition, 2021
  • size:
  • 21.000 sqm
  • team:
  • Rosanna Just-Calisir, Marco Padberg
  • visualizations:
  • luxfeld digital art, Darmstadt |
  • We see the redevelopment of the post office area in Böblingen as an opportunity to develop an urban building block as a pilot project for a future-oriented and sustainable neighbourhood:
    1. from an ecological and climatic point of view, above all through sustainable construction with wood, intelligent and resource-saving building technology and intensive greening of open spaces and façades, roofs, arcades and balconies.
    2. in social terms, on the basis of a high-quality urban planning and architectural concept that brings living and working into harmony and is not only addressed to different target groups of residents, but also provides a high degree of accessibility, participation and communal activity for a socially and demographically diverse resident population.
    3. in economic and energy terms through a high degree of prefabrication (LEAN philosophy) and intelligent use and networking of renewable energies.

    In order to meet the future challenges in the best possible way, we propose a neutral, shelf-like spatial structure that fits into the urban space in a rotational shape around a common centre. The centre of the structure, which is staggered in its height development, forms a ‘green heart’ which, as a central forum and meeting place, promotes social cohesion and allows space for culture and communal use.