Weiherhof Nord, Konstanz

  • task:
  • new construction of a residential district and an assisted living facility at Weiherhof Nord in Konstanz
  • awarding authority:
  • Businesspark Konstanz GmbH
  • procedure type:
  • realization competition, 2017
  • size:
  • 10.700 sqm
  • technical planner:
  • foundation 5 (landscape planning) | Dr. Kreutz und Partner (suppport structure)|
  • team:
  • Frauke Wassum, Magnus Reich
  • visualization:
  • netzwerkarchitekten
  • The design proposal for a new senior living complex in Weierhof Nord integrates assisted-living facilities with independent-living residences. Fire barriers separate the complex from the Konstanz Business Park. The office building to the west, along with additional spatial sound buffers, shield the complex from railway noise.

    Apartments for seniors living independently are in a 6-story, U-shape series of attached sections, each with a 45 degree rotation. This aesthetically pleasing exterior design provides a unique identity and maximizes available natural light in the apartments.

    The Konstanz Hospital Foundation assisted-living facility is in a separate, 8-story building which shares the open space within the ‘U’. This building incorporates several residential configurations, each providing a home-like environment familiar to residents, while adapting to the degree of assistance and supervision required. This eases the transition for seniors.

    The structures are designed in solid construction with a ventilated façade of larch wood. The solid- surface areas of the façade, which provide sun-protection, are fronted by stainless steel spacers and ropes to support ornamental plants. Regional plants are used: wild wine and hops facing south and west; wild wine and honeysuckle facing north and east.