U5 subway stop Steilshoop, Hamburg

  • task:
  • space-defining development of the U5-East subway stop Steilshoop in Hamburg, Wandsbek
  • client:
  • Hamburger Hochbahn AG
  • procedure type:
  • competition for realization with 7 participants, invite 2017
  • size:
  • 4200 sqm
  • technical planner:
  • envue homburg licht (lighting design)
  • team:
  • Andrea Weber
  • visualization:
  • luxfeld digital art, Darmstadt |
  • This design is for the U5-East Steilshoop station of the expanded U-Bahn subway system in Hamburg. Light, natural elements, and sustainability define the design theme: the sky over Steilshoop.

    Consistent functional lighting illuminates the platform and distributor level with neutral white light throughout the station. However, the unique, three-dimensional ceiling structure and light system within the uniform ceiling grid, using highly reflective and partially tilted cubes, replicate the expressive power of nature in the form of abstract wind and cloud currents interacting with changing natural light and sky colors. The changing color spectrum throughout the day ranges from warm, red-gold-yellowish to cold, white-blue-violet. Ceiling elements simultaneously direct and reflect light.

    A horizontal light band at the top of the walls de-materializes the joints of the wall and creates a concept of infinity, underlining the dynamically floating character of the ceiling. The white ceramic tiles on the walls are handcrafted, using a multi-firing procedure, and softly rounded at the corners, creating an iridescent surface reflecting the changing light.