Paliplatz, Darmstadt

  • task:
  • Redesign of Paliplatz and integration of a covered bicycle parking facility
  • client:
  • City of Science Darmstadt
  • procedure type:
  • negotiation procedure 2018
  • size:
  • approx. 230 qm (roofed area)
  • technical planner:
  • foundation 5+ (landscape architects) | tragraum (structural engineering) | G.U.B. Ingenieur AG (traffic planning)
  • team:
  • Magnus Reich
  • Paliplatz is located on the edge of Darmstadt’s city centre in the immediate vicinity of Friedensplatz and Luisenplatz and is currently used as a parking lot for individual traffic that accesses from Zeughausstraße on the north side and forms an important connection between the city centre and the northern residential districts for pedestrians and cyclists.
    The name Paliplatz has become established among the citizens due to the cinema of the same name located there.
    The area will now be restructured in favour of bicycle and pedestrian traffic and divided in differentiated functional areas.
    This transformation and the design becomes an important contribution to a change in traffic patterns in Darmstadt and will be realized in two steps.

    In the first phase, the parking space currently used for individual traffic will be removed in favour of covered bicycle parking areas and square furniture, as well as a maximum number of urban trees adapted to the usage requirements. At the entrance from north, some disabled-friendly short-term car parking spaces and two-wheeler parkings will remain. The area will remain accessible in the sense of the kiss-and-ride.

    In a second phase, more bicycle parking spaces for a necessary and future-oriented urban development of the square will be arranged in the north.
    The access for supplyers and garbage collection to the surrounding properties remains unchanged.

    The roof, which has been designed as an „island“ on the square, is based on a strict basic grid, irregularly filled with real trees and filigree steel tree supports with branch-like ramifications. They support a thin steel plate that ensures a pleasant spatial atmosphere by its generous height, ensuring at the same time protection from the rain.
    This insect- friendly green roof surface swirls respectfully around the existing trees and new plantings respecting the orthogonal frame.
    It can be read as a modern reminiscence to the plane tree grove on Mathildenhöhe.

    The paving under the roof includes linear percolation-stripes with lawn and gravel that allow seepage of rainwater.

    Since Paliplatz is one of the few places in Darmstadt’s city centre that does not have an underground car park, a valuable and attractive piece of substantial urban greenery can be created here.