Daycare center Ruthsenbach, Darmstadt

  • task:
  • energetic renovation and extension of a daycare center in Darmstadt-Arheiligen
  • client:
  • City of Science Darmstadt
  • procedere type:
  • direct commission, stages 1-9, 2015
  • size:
  • 970 sqm
  • completion:
  • 2017
  • technical planner:
  • Dr. Kreutz und Partner (building physics/ support structure) | GS-Plan Ingenieurgemeinschaft mbH (building services/ electrical engineering) | netzwerkarchitekten (fire protection) | CDM Smith (pollutant analysis) | Thurm Sicherheitstechnik (security coordinator) |
  • team:
  • Till Oel, Cornelius Cornford, Stefanie Rupp
  • During the 1970s, the 125 year old day care center in Arheiligen was moved to the former site of the volunteer fire department, where the former fire station and tower were integrated into a new building. It was a wooden structure with reinforced concrete ceilings. The wood skeleton was filled with solid masonry walls and was partially covered with a thermally insulated façade.

    The current refurbishment focuses on improving energy usage and upgrading technical elements of the building. In addition, barrier-free access is optimized, and the floor plan is reorganized to complement modern teaching concepts.

    A small single-story extension (approximately 45 sqm) added to the northwest corner of the existing building provides a new main entrance, as well as closet space for all children. This “boot corridor” centralizes outer wear closets, eliminating them from the classroom areas.

    The building will acquire an additional layer of insulation as a result of the ventilated wood façade. A band of cement-bonded panels around the building provides creative space for children to decorate the building with paint and chalk in an ever-changing design.