Highwalk, Bendorf

  • task:
  • Application of the town of Bendorf for the State Garden Show 2026
  • client:
  • City of Bendorf on the Rhine
  • processing period:
  • 2021-2022
  • status:
  • idea
  • project and process support, feasibility, technical planning, workshops, concept consulting:
  • HauptwegNebenwege (Köln) | Institut für Umweltplanung (Rengsdorf) | clubL94 Landschaftsarchitekten (Köln) | netzwerkarchitekten (Darmstadt) | luxfeld digital art (Darmstadt)
  • team
  • Rosanna Just-Calisir
  • A special experience, the RheinWalk brings people to the water, creates quality of stay and stands for a multifunctional building. The observation tower as a special place of discovery has symbolic power.

    It becomes the symbol for movement in Bendorf and the region. The Bendorf RhineWalk. The connecting axis from the town centre via the MobiHUB and the railway station to the Rhine. But it is more than that. It is a place to stay. A place to experience. A place with a fine dust filter function. Safe crossing aid. A peephole into the port.

    Various modules extend the pure cycle and footpath function. This makes the RheinWalk a place of quality stay with seating areas and experience modules. The circular modules can be equipped with various attractions in the middle, as a platform for musical events or planted to provide shade.

    Environmental education that is fun, stimulates the spirit of discovery and offers an experience. A tourist attraction with a special status in the region. The ENERGIESILO BENDORF shows the history of energy at this special place. In addition to the port’s imposing tanks, which by then had changed from storing fossil fuels into the region’s source of hydrogen, various modern forms of regenerative energy are presented. The focus is on the strategy to become the region’s hydrogen source. Selected by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, this goal is within reach.