Station square and central bus station, Dinslaken

  • task:
  • Redesign of the station square in Dinslaken
  • client:
  • City Dinslaken
  • procedure type:
  • urban and open space planning competition 2015, 2nd Prize
  • planning team:
  • club L94 Landschaftsarchitekten GmbH with Grontmij GmbH and
    netzwerkarchitekten with Dr. Kreutz und Partner
  • size:
  • 9.500 sqm (square area)
  • visualization:
  • club L94 Landschaftsarchitekten GmbH, Köln
  • The transportation center in Dinslaken serves rail, bus and tram lines. The bus station, located at the intersection of Friedrich-Ebert-Straße, Bismarckstraße and Bahnstraße, provides not only convenient public transportation transfers, but also is at the entrance to old town, the city park, and the Neutorgalerie shopping center. Although the size of the bus station square, which opens to Bismarckstraße and Friedrich-Ebert-Straße, is large enough, it must be redesigned and reorganized to meet the City’s current needs.
    The historic landmark pavilion is not only part of the new bus station, but also becomes a form-defining element: The new roof shape is perforated in analogy to the shape of the pavilion. The roof structure is a slim, reinforced, concrete shell construction. The curved shape is biaxially symetrical, with the vertex on the parabola from the high outer edge to the low inner point. Due to the curvature and the associated rigidity, material usage is minimized and the structure has a light appearance. The use of white concrete creates a bright, smooth and elegant roof shape that opens to the outside edges.
    The new bus station roof forms a fluid edge, and re-proportions the square, putting the station building in the center. The new roof also creates an identity which, on the west side of the square, strengthens the connection to the old town. By picking up the outline of the building, the technical town hall becomes a significant feature at the edge of the square.
    Zones for the different types of traffic are differentiated. By eliminating the turning loop and adjusting the stop, the tram is a clear, linear element on the square. Generous green islands invite one to linger or wait comfortably.